Element is a software-only platform, providing a digital identity just through the user’s phone camera. Using biometrics and mobile deep learning, the platform can provide split second authentication of identity on any mobile device and quick accuracy. It can not only recognise your face, but also your palm and even your fingerprints.


Where people lack identity, they also lack access to vital services such as healthcare, finances and ultimately employment. Element are empowering people and making their services a lifelong identity service by recently collaborating with the Global Good Fund (Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures) to build the first infant biometric platform.


In Asia and Africa, there are over 1 billion people without formal identification documentation, and in countries like India nearly 1 in 4 people aren’t registered at birth. This makes identity and tracking of identity impossible, impacting them for the rest of their lives and reducing access to services.


Element have raised $18m to date in funding, most recently in their Series A funding led by GDP Ventures and PTV Ventures. The company are working with local organisations such as the International Centre for Diarrhoea Disease Research – Bangladesh, and the Angkor Hospital in Cambodia to continue expanding their programmes.