ZigZag is a software platform that helps retailers manage and resell stock, boosting efficiency and reducing costs for retailers all over the world. Clients simply integrate the platform with their ecommerce store and use ZigZag to consolidate, refurbish, recycle or redistribute stock. They also pledge to sustainability, particularly by cutting CO2 emissions by reducing parcel journeys by up to 65%.


Their sales data technology allows them to understand where products will sell better, offering intelligent routing and a unique insight into where products will offer the highest return. ZigZag have an impressive client list including FedEx, DPD and Hermes and are integrated with local warehouses in over 130 countries, providing a range of services. This vast network means they can redistribute and sell products to a range of markets.


The online retail industry is booming – an estimated 1.6 billion people purchased goods online last year, putting sales at $2.3 trillion. However over 30% products ordered online are returned, and with many retailers now offering free returns, the pressure is on to ensure customer satisfaction and increase efficiency in how returns are managed.


ZigZag have raised over £800k in seed round funding and have won numerous awards as emerging innovators and e-commerce enablers. As the online market expands, ZigZag’s software platform will help retailers save enormous costs.