Research from NASA shows that dozens of regions are in danger of having low water resources in the next few years, meaning water insecurity is much closer to people than they think. Zero Mass Water have developed hydro panels called SOURCE which use thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology to produce water using only sunlight and air.


The innovative technology of these hydro panels means they can pull water out of the air in any climate. Dependent on the humidity and sunlight, the panels can produce up to five litres of water on average per day. Even on humidity levels as low as 10%, the panels can produce two litres of water. The panels can be used anywhere around the world to produce clean drinking water. As well as this, they reduce the need for plastic bottles and produce enough portable water for the next 15 years, replacing 20,000 bottles.


Water shortages are a global concern, with a recent UN report predicting that five billion people could suffer water scarcity by 2050. Being able to pull water in remote desert locations, or even vulnerable locations like refugee camps would offer a vital lifeline to safe and plentiful water.


Zero Mass Water has received $3.8M in investment but are already making global partnerships on their own. By April 2019, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) intends on spending nearly half-a-million dollars on 150 SOURCE panels in cities such as Sydney and Perth to try and tackle water shortages.