Blood clots and blocked arteries currently rely on intravascular procedures to fix them, where physicians operate inside an artery or vein, with potentially life-changing consequences. Vena Medical aims to make these procedures faster, easier and safer by using a tiny forward-viewing imaging micro-catheter to provide a real-time navigational perspective for interventional physicians. Open surgeries are rapidly being replaced by minimally invasive procedures and Vena Medical is leading the way.


Current treatment methods for intravascular procedures involve injecting an iodine dye into the veins of the patient and using an x-ray to see where the veins and arteries are. But this is intrusive and comes with health risks. Vena Medical is setting out to build a better way to navigate veins and arteries during an operation.


Each year, more than 4 million patients in North America alone need intravascular procedures.


So far, the med-tech company has won $200,000 in funding through grants and a Seed round led by Y Combinator. Its long-term aim is to refine their micro-catheter and integrate it into more physician tools so that the technology is accessible in 100% of intravascular procedures.