Vayyar have developed a cutting-edge, advanced image sensor chip that can provide high-resolution 3D image solutions for a range of different sectors at lower costs. The sensors use sophisticated imaging capabilities through radio wave imaging and advanced imaging algorithms to sense and differentiate between objects and people, and create a 3D image of an environment.


Using radio wave imaging, the sensors can technically see through objects, and can process imaging through different materials – even walls. It is anticipated to be the next smart home appliance, as it will be able to provide the safety and security without the intrusion of a smart camera.


3D imaging has multiple applications from health, to automotive and elderly care, and can be easily integrated into existing systems, or be used to develop further products. The sensor can also help detect breast cancer at earlier stages safely and at low-cost.


Vayyar have raised $70M so far, with their last Series C funding raising $45M and led by ITI Venture Capital. Recently after their exhibit at CES, Business Insider named them among their 50 startups expected to ‘boom’ in 2018.