Regenerative medicine develops methods to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues to restore or establish normal function. Upside Biotechnologies is working in this area, by specifically focusing on helping burn patients.


Upside’s technology enables a small sample of unburnt patient skin to be grown in a laboratory, transforming it into a large area of full thickness skin. This lab-grown skin can be used as skin grafts in patients with major burns who do not have enough uninjured skin to provide conventional skin grafts. This is a process which saves lives. Upside claims their skin is produced faster than any competitor’s products in development, and that their technology can grow enough skin to cover a whole body in 16 days. Upside Biotechnology also aid burns surgeons by supplying the skin in larger sheets and with excellent handling characteristics, making medical processes easier.


The global regenerative medicines market is projected to reach US$30 billion by 2022.


The company has received NZ$2.3m in Series A funding to date, though are looking to raise more funds in the near future. Upside Biotechnology have also recently joined the US Army in a research agreement.