This Washington-based startup is helping companies better recruit talent, simply by reworking their job postings to inclusively appeal to the right candidates. Its “augmented writing” platform helps recruiters improve the content of their postings and changes the way businesses use language. In addition to talent acquisition, Textio believes its tech can be applied in other enterprise applications, essentially anywhere where customers, partners and potential employees need writing.


Textio has shown that small tweaks in language can make a big difference in response rates and the quality of applicants that apply – global company Johnson & Johnson raised their response rate by 25% on recruiting emails that scored highly on Textio’s 100-point scale. Using its platform, companies are able to get data-driven feedback on their draft text and know how it would perform with a particular audience – in one case study, Atlassian (an Australian enterprise software company) went from hiring 10% female technical graduates to 57% within two years.


On LinkedIn alone there are over 11 million active jobs open to its 530 million global members. Textio’s platform itself is built on a dataset of 350 million job posts – including statistics on their performances – and around 10 million more are added every month.

The company has been named a Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star.


The company has raised just under $30m from three rounds of funding. Textio’s investors include Bloomberg Beta, Emergence Capital Partners and Scale Venture Partners. Founder Kieran Snyder said: “We want to extend this platform into other types of business writing. There are so many rich possibilities.”