This startup operates a bit like Tinder – sharing lending risk with strangers and pioneering the concept of crowdvouching, whereby individuals vouch for strangers. Loans are issued by microfinance organisations, and users who “like” a potential borrower can either earn or lose money depending on whether those for whom they vouched return the loan.


A stranger’s photograph appears on your smartphone screen, and you decide whether to give him or her a loan or not. The money is not yours, but instead is provided by microfinance organisations. A decision is made just like on Tinder: right swipe for Yes, and left swipe for No. Suretly is geared towards short-term loans of up to one month and with the highest interest. The scheme helps people with poor credit rating to obtain money, and microfinance organisations will be able to lower interest rates and shake off their bad public image.


More than a million people in the UK now take out payday (small) loans each year.


The company has raised $3.4 million in funding, including a $2.9m ICO dating August 2017. Suretly have received funding and grant money from Starta Capital and the National Research University in Russia.