This company has built a big-data analytics platform that harnesses clinicians’ medical expertise to enhance genomic diagnostic via AI algorithms. This will lead to better and faster diagnoses for patients with diseases such as cancer.


Hospitals that use the platform will benefit jointly from expert-fed, algorithmic DNA sequencing diagnostic insights that are shared across the platform. As the user-base scales-up with the addition of hospitals, the algorithms will get smarter and more accurate, with patients benefiting from the pooled knowledge. It will mean hospitals form a community and share experience and knowledge to continuously better diagnose and treat patients.


As the cost of genome sequencing has come down, there has been a focus on healthcare providers to more quickly and accurately read and analyse the more readily-available DNA sequencing data. Sophia Genetics’ analytics platform will assist in this by targeting oncology, hereditary cancer, metabolic disorders, pediatrics and cardiology. By 2020, almost half of Britons will get cancer in their lifetime.


This biotech business has pulled in $58.8m in funding so far, with investors including Balderton Capital, Marc Coucke (founder of Omega Pharmaceuticals) and Invoke Capital Partners. This capital has been used to develop its platform proposition to a tipping point of utility. Today, the company is working with 350 hospitals, pulling together patients’ genome data and sharing knowledge to continuously get a better outcome from its algorithms.