SnapDragon uses smart software and business’ intellectual property rights to defend their brand and products on e-commerce platforms across the world. According to the OECD, 60% of fake goods originate from China and Hong Kong, seeing business’ hard profits are being given to counterfeit manufactures. Often these counterfeit products threat business’ sales and reputation, and can even prove harmful to unsuspecting customers. SnapDragon’s proprietary software monitors, reports and removes counterfeit goods from marketplaces.


Last year, SnapDragon’s software prevented the sale of $10 billion worth of counterfeit products. Their technology has enabled them to monitor 220 online platforms with an impressive 98% enforcement success rate. SnapDragon offers SME’s a low-cost alternative to legal partners whilst protecting their brand globally.


Last year there were $1.7 trillion counterfeited goods traded. The rise of online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay means that the counterfeit manufacturing industry has continued to grow and sell products to unassuming and trusting customers.


In 2017, SnapDragon secured a six-figure investment from Mercia Fund Management to continue with the technology and software development, and continuing work towards removing a significant number of counterfeit products from global trade.