Travel budgets are the largest expense for most companies. Rocketrip’s enterprise platform reigns in spending without tightening policies. Instead, employees earn rewards on choosing more cost-effective travel, including flights, trains and hotels. The platform provides analytics to help companies and employees to make smarter spending decisions.


Rocketrip are creating an empowered workforce, and incentivising by letting employees who spend less keep a portion of the savings they generate. Its API integrates with client’s online booking tools, and can cut employee travel costs by up to 30%. Simple changes include flying economy instead of business, or staying at an Airbnb.


According to Rocketrip’s 2017 report, business travel costs 66% more than leisure travel on a per trip basis, and is set to rise the $1.6 trillion by 2020. By offering an incentivised behavioural change, Rocketrip can promote a culture of cost sensitivity. On average, customers can save an average of $200 per business trip.


Rockettrip have raised a total of £32.2M, most recently in a $15M Series C fund led by GV. There are now collaborating with travel management company partners to develop new solutions for managed travel programs.