Rigetti have a cloud platform called Forest that allows developers and programmers to create quantum algorithms. By giving them access to quantum processors (or quantum chips known as qubits), programmers can test and execute their algorithms and use it to gain deeper understanding of quantum and classical computing. The algorithm simulations are also run on the cloud.


This full stack programming service is the first of its kind, offering a unique service to developers around the world, and built on the first ever instructional language that combines quantum and classical computing.


Developing quantum computing is a challenging field of computing and engineering. Rigetti’s full stack service allows the process to run faster and more efficient testing cycles between hardware (chips) and software. Quantum computing could have a big effect on artificial intelligence due to their speed, but the everyday practical applications of what these may be are still unknown.


Rigetti have raised $69.5 million in Series A and Series B rounds, both led by Andressen Horowitz. MIT cited Rigetti Computing as one of the top 50 smartest companies of 2017 and are set to challenge the likes of Google and IBM in the quantum computing race.