Using artificial intelligence, Reverie Labs can investigate early molecular compounds for pharmaceutical scientists, to estimate their effectiveness for medicines and suggest improvements. They have developed a molecular optimizer that specialises in the lead development stage of drug discovery to push forward to clinical trials more quickly. The process of elimination of molecular suitability can be a long process, carefully selecting the safest drug for testing. The use of AI and deep learning helps speed up this process.


The company have dreams of becoming a full-service molecule company, partnering with other companies and institutions for treatment of diseases. There is a flurry of bio-tech companies on the health scene, but Reverie Lab’s software offers prime security by allowing it to run on customer’s private cloud services. Collaboration is a key component in this community, to help speed up the drug discovery process for healthcare epidemics.


AI is picking up momentum in the big pharmaceutical companies, with a recent study with healthcare executives showing that 50% anticipate AI adoption by 2025 for drug discovery and personalised medicine.


Reverie Labs raised an undisclosed amount from Rough Draft Ventures and Y Combinator accelerator, and hope their developments in technology remove key bottlenecks in the drug discovery pipeline.