Plenty are an indoor farming company using local urban indoor towers and LED lights to go fresh, organic produce that is more sustainable. Using high-tech hydronic systems, they can stimulate year-round produce growth without the need for harmful pesticides.


These indoor farms can produce up to 350 times the output of a normal field farm, and have trialled up to 400 different crop varieties. Using infrared and sensor technology, Plenty analyse the crop’s conditions and use algorithms to adjust their care – meaning these vast variety of crops can succeed anywhere in the world.


Plenty have set their sights on China, where their average farm is less than 2.5 acres, and many have contaminated or polluted soils. Many countries in Asia are increasingly adopting Western foods, boosting the demand for more produce. It is expected that the Chinese market may contribute up to 50% of Plenty’s business.


Plenty have had significant backing, securing $236M in venture capital funding. The last round was led by SoftBank, which included investment from the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. With the investment, Plenty have opened a full-scale farm in Seattle and are looking towards moving into Asia.