Over 70% of the population in Africa do not have access to electricity, meaning they also lack access to key services and lifelines such as healthcare and education. It can cost up to $1,000 to connect power grids rural areas. People turn to burning fossil fuel lamp lighting which is dangerous and and unhealthy and can produce on average 12,000 tonnes of CO2. The PawaHome power solar system offers communities in Africa cheap, clean energy for $13 per month.


While using Pawame’s pay as you go system, individuals can also build credit history to unlock purchasing other products, such as loans, insurance and access to the internet.  This lifeline empowers communities and gives them access to education, jobs and opens doors to further development opportunities.


Interest in renewable energy in Africa has been steadily increasing over the last few years even though Africa has the lowest energy consumption per capita in the world. By 2030, electricity demand is set to exceed 1,000TWh for rural areas which only has 50% of rural Africa’s population.


Pawame have raised US$2 million in funding through Gulf-based energy investors which will help them reach their goal – to electrifying 150 million households in Africa. They have also joined a unique public-private coalition to provide innovative solutions to refugees in partnership with Mastercard and USAID, which aims to turn refugee settlements into digital communities.