Open Cosmos provides affordable end-to-end space missions for any requirements. While computers and digital technologies have continued to advance, space technology has been left behind. Huge costs, technological advance and paperwork are contributing to this as claimed by Open Cosmos. In response, they have designed a series of Nano-satellites called qbee, and provide project services from planning to launch and orbit.


The Nano-satellites provide services such as information and telecommunication, scientific research or space technology in orbit demonstrations. They are opening the door to space by creating more affordable launch solutions for any industry or small-satellite customers.


Normally it can take up to 4 years and a few million pounds to launch a small satellite into orbit. The qbee satellites are reducing the cost tenfold down to a starting price of £500,000 with a project timescale of less than a year.


After receiving early-stage investment backing from Entrepreneur First, Open Cosmos have gone on to secure a partnership deal with US start-up Vector for 5 orbital launches starting from 2019. They have also just signed a contract for 2 missions with e2E, a satellite communications system provider.