This ‘prop-tech’ start-up is disrupting the property market – guaranteeing to sell your house within 90 days or offer a cash advance instead. In some ways, it works similar to a traditional estate agent. It provides a valuation, marketing and sales service. But the guarantee is different. Nested can do this because of how confident it is that – with the help of tech and data – it can price a property accurately enough that it will sell quickly and easily. It gives you an advance so you can buy your new home when you’re ready, while it sells you old one for the best possible price.


Nested disrupts by offering an advance. This allows people to move when they are ready, even if they don’t have a buyer yet. If a chain breaks down, it also allows people to keep their plans on the move and not lose their dream home. It also avoids people being kept in limbo for ages. By offering an advance, it aims to help eliminate the uncertainty when trying to buy or sell a house,


More than 100,000 homes are sold each month in the UK.


Total funding to-date has reached £45.2m across four funding rounds – the most recent of which was a £36m Series B in October 2017. Investors include Global Founders Capital, Passion Capital and Picus Capital.