MONI use a unique digital identification on blockchain to give asylum seekers prepaid MasterCard’s. Many asylum seekers do not own ID documentation, making it can be hard to get a bank account. The Finnish Immigration Service have been using MONI to help thousands of asylum seekers get started and into employment easily and efficiently. The tracking of financial transactions also means the immigration service can keep track of spending.


Using bitcoin, the digital identification is easy to access, is secure and doesn’t need traditional banking infrastructure or norms which could block people’s access to modern financing. MONI’s technology allows blockchain to act like a simple debit card and convert digital currency.


MONI have made a big impact in Finland to aid refugees. Now they are looking to launch a consumer product to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, not just the rich corporates. The United Nations is researching using blockchain to provide legal identification to 1.1 billion people worldwide with no official documents.


MONI have raised $1.8M in Seed Round with various entrepreneurs from the US and Digital Currency Group. MONI cards are now available around most of Europe for greater financial inclusion.