Momentum Dynamics develop wireless electric vehicle charging. They can charge passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses through energy which is transferred from panels in pavements into an electric vehicle. The concept and underlying technology is like a wireless phone charger except on a more powerful and larger scale. 


Electric vehicles struggled to take off as we hoped. Short battery limitations, slow charging and limited charging points lead to frustration. Using Momentum Dynamics, a bus terminal and circuit in Washington can keep an electric bus charged for a full 16-hour day.


It is estimated that transport is responsible for about 24% of energy-related CO2 emission globally, which is leading many governments around the world to start thinking about bans on petrol and diesel cars to reduce emissions. Additionally, electric cars are expected to price on par to today’s cars by 2025, widening the market of EV vehicles.


Momentum Dynamics have raised a total of $6.4M from undisclosed investors, and is now looking for corporate investors for the next phase of development to fully commercialise products.