This disruptive startup has designed a product that can destroy pollutants in the air. Molekule have created a sleekly designed molecular air purifier that can clean up indoor pollutants such as allergens, mould, bacteria and particles that are up to a thousand times smaller than those a normal filter catches. How? By using Photo Electro-Chemical Oxidation (PECO) and nanotechnology to destroy the pollutants on a molecular level and eliminate the full spectrum of indoor air pollutants. This produces clean, breathable air that can better the lives of those who suffer from asthma, allergies and restless sleep.


Traditional HEPA filters typically only trap some pollutants and they don’t break them down before releasing them back into the air. This technology, however, comprises a two-foot-tall cylinder with the patented filter inside. As well as picking up the usual indoor pollutants, it is also instrumental in helping people breathe during wildfires and can be hugely helpful to allergy-sufferers during the high summer pollen counts.


It is estimated that around 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, and that more than 80% of urban-dwelling populations are exposed to air that fails to meet World Health Organisation quality standards.


So far, Molekule has brought in just over $13 million through 3 funding rounds, with investors including Crosslink Capital, Uncork Capital and Hack VC. They are currently scaling their team.