This helpful start-up is developing PocketDefi – a public access defibrillator that can help save lives in emergency situations. The clever device is linked to a mobile network – making it easier to find a first-aider who can react quickly if a person suffers a heart attack. It will make defibrillation much more widely available and accessible.


Standard defibrillators are not easy to use by a lay-person. They are also not readily available. If someone has a heart attack on a street, chances are there won’t be a defibrillator close by. In contrast, the PocketDefi is small, easy to transport and very easy to use. The software also allows for a proximity alert, meaning it can allow bystanders to call the nearest owner of a PocketDefi to the rescue.


The survival rates of cardiac arrests are nearly doubled when defibrillators are administered in addition to CPR.


In October 2017 the company launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, nearly doubling the original target of €100,000 – 409 backers raised over €195k within a month. The company is currently growing their team and plans to earn the required quality management certification.