LanzaTech use microbes to transform carbon rich wastes into valuable fuel and chemical products through gas fermentation, changing the way we think about and reuse carbon. The process uses any industrial waste (steel, oil refining, chemical production) and the unique gas fermentation technology means carbon gas residues can be transformed into ethanol based liquid products.


LanzaTech’s inhouse capability allows for continual development of their smart cleantech engineering and patent microbes, allowing them to create specific properties. This means they can create numerous product opportunities. As well as this, by reusing waste there are creating sustainable energy and product solutions without using precious land or water space.


The real disruption benefit of LanzaTech is the reduced costs economically and recycling of residues as new feedstocks – all while reducing harmful emissions for companies and communities.


LanzaTech have secured $204.3M to date from strong global investors, with the last round totalling $112M to support their international expansion. LanzaTech now have teams from the USA to New Zealand and gaining partnerships across multiple industries, reading to scale to commercial production.