Koniku founder Osh Agabi claims our brains are so powerful, we’d need a billion-dollar nuclear power plant just to simulate it. Koniku and have built a device that combines synthetic biological neurons and silicon technology processes for powerful computation uses. The device, called Koniku Kore, is a next generation neuro computing platform that can provide uses in security, military and agriculture. An example would be that a single neuro-chip device can sniff out explosives without even seeing it.


The creation of this seemingly synthetic brain is a breakthrough combination of robotics, neuro-biology, computing and bioengineering. The technology is also opened to a community of developers, with the potential to create add-ons. One example citied from API is the technology being able to detect nitrous oxide for asthma.


The application for real-world issues such as detecting illness and terrorism threats offers is a glimpse into how biology can be integrated into technology, and ultimately how the human brain can help technological advancements.


Koniku have raised $8 million in revenue from global brands. The prototype is currently underway but they are currently only focused on selling to enterprise solutions.