The growing risk of floods in the US and around the world creates a problem for government agencies, insurance companies and developers looking to build new sites in urban cities. Jupiter’s platform ClimateScore offers those who deal with urban city planning a FloodScore analysis that can predict flood risk and human safety. Their technology uses machine learning to consider changing climate rates, rising sea levels and erosion on a specific address or plot.


Climate and data scientists have come together with leading technologists and AI experts to analyse risk. Before Jupiter, maps were not regularly updated and were inefficient. They couldn’t offer the real-time data from satellites and machine learning to predict climate change and natural disasters.


Three hurricanes in 2017 cost the US $200 billion dollars. The growing incidents of natural disasters cost both economically and with tragic life loss. The ClimateScore platform uses cloud computing, data and prediction models to help customers plan for incidences.


Investors include venture capital firms Data Collective and Ignition Partners, and totals approximately $10m. Jupiter have plans to open their services internationally into Europe and Asia, and expand their platform suite to include other risks such as HeatScore and FireRisk.