Below the bustling streets of Clapham in London lies Growing Underground – an agricultural farming company that uses an hydroponic system, the latest LED technology, and zero sunlight to grow local food for cities. The tunnels are 33m underground, but the controlled environment farm can grow over 22,000kg of green produce a year. The whole intricate process takes place in the tunnels, from growing to harvesting.


In our over-populating cities, land is becoming more scarce. Utilising unused spaces to grow fresh produce in the heart of our biggest cities is an innovative solution, and has minimal impact on the environment. It is far more sustainable, uses smaller amount of recycled water, is pesticide-free and keeps energy consumption to a minimum thanks to the innovative LED technology.


The farm addresses our growing population, food demands, our farming sustainability and footprint. The development in technology over the last few years has made growing produce like this possible, and hydroponic growing is gaining interest and traction further afield, especially in countries like China and Japan.


In 2015 Growing Underground held a successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, raising £243k for its development, and has received a further million in investment. Since then they have secured partnerships with local restaurants and launched products in stores such as Whole Foods, Farmdrop and Marks and Spencer’s.