Problems with batteries? That’s probably because their life span is cut short due to the damage caused during the recharging cycle. Gbatteries’ Active Battery Management System, however, uses an innovative approach for lithium-ion battery management that enhances battery performance by optimizing ion flow. In essence, it uses a proprietary charging method, reducing degradation and increasing battery cycle life by a factor of four compared to conventional methods. It does this by measuring a battery’s interface conditions and actively managing its charge in real-time, safely enabling improvements in reliability, charge rate, and cycle life.


Using their new system, GBatteries will dramatically cut the time it takes to charge a battery. In electric cars, for instance, it aims to cut down the time it takes to charge a high-end Tesla from 40 minutes to 10, without significantly shortening the battery’s lifespan.


Petrol and diesel vehicles are a major cause of global warming and air pollution, accounting for nearly one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions and over 2 million deaths globally per year. Better batteries mean more people will switch to electric vehicles.


The company has landed $1.2 million in federal funding. It is looking to improve batteries not just in cars, but also in smartphones and other products.