Flexciton are using artificial intelligence and optimisation algorithms to create the most powerful planning and scheduling tool in manufacturing. Manufacturers are collecting huge amounts of data about their production, yet planning and scheduling remains a manual and inefficient activity. Flexciton uses this data with clever algorithms, to find optimal ways of improving production efficiency. This cutting-edge technology can improve manufacturing efficiency by over 20% by saving time, increasing production and reducing operational costs.


Traditional approaches to planning and scheduling production are very manual and incredibly inefficient. Flexciton automates the process with intelligent algorithms, and can be used in any plant where data is being recorded. Using A.I, Flexciton can save a single manufacturing facility over £1 million by increasing efficiency and productivity.


Flexciton A.I. can be applied in any manufacturing sector from food production to building cars, and is already being used by some of the most advanced manufacturers in the world. UK manufacturing is a £100bn market and 87% of manufacturers have said they are ready to invest in productivity-enhancing digital technologies.


Flexciton’s team has been growing quickly and were recently voted winners of the 2017 Innovate Hack & Pitch competition. After initial grant funding from Innovate UK, they have gone on to secure a seed round investment by a number of investors, primarily led by Backed VC, bringing their total investment to over £1m.