Using an app, customers can schedule for their car to be filled up anytime 24/7 by the Filld mobile gas delivery service, eliminating the need to ever go to their gas station. The company use a truck to deliver gas to vehicles anywhere. Filld target individual customers but also have corporate clients such as Volvo, Enterprise Cars and Audi.


Pricing is competitive and always based on gas stations in the local area. They also offer their users group discounts, and are eco-friendly. The trucks can deliver fuel to 80 cars in one trip, reducing the number of cars driving out of their way to gas stations.


In 2017, about 143.85 billion gallons of motor gasoline were consumed in the US, making a daily average of about 391.40 million gallons. Despite this, there is a steady decline in gas stations across the US, particularly in urban areas where gas stations are being replaced with apartments and offices. Nicknamed the ‘Uber for gas’, mobile refuelling makes it convenient and easy to refill cars across cities.


Filld have raised $12.9 million, including their Seed A round being led by Shea Ventures. The investment has allowed them to expand their city reach to San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.