ExSeed wants to boost couples’ chances of becoming pregnant by using a disruptive new sperm testing device linked to a smartphone. By combining AI and mobile tech, the company hopes to address declining sperm quality among males across the western world.

The company has developed a smartphone-enabled DIY kit for testing the quality of sperm. The user places a sample on a glass slide and inserts it into a specially-designed testing device with a powerful microscopic 200x lens. They then put the smartphone on top of the device and the ExSeed app delivers a complete analysis within seconds. Based on the data, the app provides tailored advice to the user about how to improve the quality of their sperm.


By using cutting-edge microscopic technology, this startup cuts out any need for a doctor’s visit. It also makes it quicker and easier for men to discover what – if anything – is wrong with their sperm. Co-founder Morten Ulsted said: “Today, men have to wait a long time, in some countries up to a year, to get a referral for an appointment with a fertility clinic.

“They often leave the clinic with a test result and a standard leaflet with some general health advice, despite being very motivated to improve their condition and lifestyle.”


The $40 billion-dollar fertility market is currently heavily skewed towards testing or treating women’s fertility, but 40% of fertility deficiencies are due to the male.


The founders received an undisclosed amount of funding from corporate investors Trifork (the developers of MobilePay) in exchange for 49% ownership. ExSeed have partnerships with Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen.

The algorithms used by Exseed are constantly improving through machine learning, and will soon be able to identify a number of health problems at a much earlier stage.