EnergyNova design and manufacture longer-lasting hydrogen-fuel batteries for a range of industries, including drones. These batteries provide two to three times more power than traditional batteries and can be used off-grid for military purposes, back-up power sources and even for robots. They are also safer to use as they do not use toxic or combustible elements.


EnergyNova have partnered with the Clean Energy Research Centre in Singapore to develop the hydrogen-cell technology, which can deliver more energy than conventional systems. This renewable energy can provide drones with up to 4 hours’ flight time. The solid hydrogen power can also be stored in the batteries for 5+ years, making them an ideal solution for backup power sources.


Drones are becoming increasingly popular both for commercial and personal use, but are currently held back by the limitations of lithium batteries and their short flight times. Longer drone flight times could also help public services, such as delivering medicines to rural areas quickly, and surveying areas after natural disasters.


Founder Adec Thng has estimated the hydrogen-power industry is worth $127bn.

His company’s potential has been spotted by Shell, when they were recently picked as one of 5 start-ups for their Idea Refinery Programme in 2018.