DEV/CON Detect help large publishing companies protect their sites and ultimately their customers from illegal criminal activity through online ads. Advertisements from companies with a large online presence can be hacked, the code changed and money generated from the ad redirected into the criminal’s bank account. DEV/CON Detect work to create transparency, analyse the behaviours of the criminal activities, and use their software to detect and prevent threats. 


There is a lack of cybersecurity in adware, and it’s a niche area that suffers a lot of criminality. Clients for DEV/CON Detect have helped a client increase their revenue by 275% once they integrated their software with their ad network.


The digital advertising industry is worth approximately $80billion, and in 2016 ad fraud cost as much as 10% of that spend. In 2018, that number is set to rise to $19 billion in theft. Fake ads and website are becoming increasingly harder to spot and are often pushed to get more views and clicks, but DEV/CON Detect is protecting and educating media companies of their vulnerabilities.


DEV/CON have raised $1.3M in Seed round from a range of investors like Newfund, Innova Memphis, The JumpFund and Start Co, which will extend their market growth and expanding team.