Using deep learning technology, Deep Instinct provide real-time prevention and detection of security attacks on any device, platform or operating system. The software levers the learning capabilities of deep learning and artificial neural networks (like the brain) to make it smarter – the more data and information that is fed in, the more attacks can be immediately detected and block to reduce harm to the devices or servers.


There’s a big difference between machine learning and deep learning. Cybersecurity companies using machine learning still require a cyber expert, and results will often be a false positive. By using deep learning, Deep Instinct’s software can be fully autonomous, reducing human error. By using their algorithms, the software can understand and define by itself what is relevant.


AI is one of the most significant technology advancements of our time, and deep learning is the next advancement to protect enterprises from security threats. The market is set to expand, with enterprises moving away from the traditional solutions as they fear that they don’t offer endpoint protection or mobile security against unpredictable threats.


Deep Instinct’s investment has totalled $37M, and most recently closed a $32M Series B round with lead investors Columbus Nova Technology Partners. They have also expanded globally into Asia and Australia.