Dangerous Things use cryptography and biohacking for identity security. Recognising that vulnerable account passwords and impractical technologies poses an issue to security and your identity, Dangerous Things created VivoKey. VivoKey brings together your biological identity and your digital identity to cryptographically merged with a small, radio-frequency identification security chip implanted under the skin.


Biohacking with the VivoKey allows users to carry cryptographic keys within their bodies and gives greater privacy security. It ensures it is the real you that is using your devices, sending your emails and spending your money. Dangerous Things have also started building their eco-system by partnering with companies such as Fidesmo, a platform aimed at replacing wallets and keys with a single device.


According to Cifas there were 89,000 cases of identity fraud in the UK alone last year, and the crimes were almost exclusively online. Vivokey offers a glimpse into the online security of the future.


Dangerous Things initially funded their development on crowdfunding campaigns but have now sold chips and implant kits globally. Founder Amal Graafstra has said he believes that biohacking is the next phase of human evolution.