‘Social lending’ is an individual transferring assets in a peer-to-peer lending service. Crowdport is Japan’s first social lending site, which connects investors and businesses unlike traditional bank lending. Crowdport is the only service in Japan which compares all 18 social lending services, and acts as a crowd-lending service to help businesses seeking a smaller amount of money over a shorter period compared to traditional banking loans in Japan. Potential investors can search for funds on their platform in a centralized location, by industry trends and themes as well as the investment yield.


Japan’s financial system is fragmented, with over 52% of Japan’s personal assets being held as cash. Add this to an ageing population and growing government debt, and you get Japanese consumers starting to look for alternative ways to invest their money in marketplace lending. This is a great solution for companies looking to grow without a hefty bank loan.


Social lending is gaining traction in Japan, with social lending companies running ‘campaigns’ to entice investors into opening accounts and contributing to social lending funds, where the average yield is about 8%. The social lending market reached 975.5 billion Yen by end of 2017, the equivalent of approximately $9 billion USD.


Crowdport have raised $2.9 million USD in an investment round from AG Capital, Mizuho Capital and B Dash Ventures. Their portfolio is steadily increasing and they have had zero bad debt from any major companies in the last 3 years.