A staggering one in four adults in the US lack basic literacy or numeracy skills. Although the job market has been increasing in recent years, the workforce isn’t ready for it and those with lower literacy need a cost-effective and efficient way to upskill. Cell-Ed’s services does not require data, but can instead coaches and teaches through calls and texts 24 hours a day in skills such as language, literacy and useful workplace tips.


Cell-Ed uses a cloud communication platform and data platform to deliver micro-courses over any mobile. Organisations also have a faster and more effective way to upskill and retain workers whilst measuring progress.


The e-learning market is set to hit $200 billion by 2024, and has been accelerated by the estimated 90 million workers in the US that require skilling up.


In late 2017 Cell-Ed received investment from Education Technology Fund, a fund brought together by The Joyce Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Walmart Foundation. This investment will be used for growth and scale up ensuring it reaches more workers.