The CekMata platform aims to give people access to an online ophthalmologist consultation to enable the early detection of cataracts. Their platform uses AI and Machine Learning (ML) to assist this early detection. The process is simple; users only have to visit the site and upload a close-up photo of their eyes. From existing pigments, the system will detect any difference between a healthy eye and an infected one. Once it has found the anomaly, the system will direct users to the nearest ophthalmologist or hospital.


CekMata is massively disrupting the Indonesian healthcare sector. A key challenge it currently faces is the high number of patients with visual impairments caused by cataracts. This issue is worsened by the low number of ophthalmologists available per person across the country. By using AI and ML technologies, CekMata is able to tell the difference between cataract-infected and healthy eyes early on simply by looking at photos – cutting down on the need for trained experts.


According to the World Health Organisation, by 2020, one person per minute will go blind in Indonesia because of a cataract.


The company is currently seeking funding and partnerships. In early 2018 the founders travelled to Silicon Valley to attend Startup Grind’s Global Conference and take part in the Silicon Valley Immersion Program.