Callisto is a platform for combatting and reporting sexual harassment. On the platform, survivors are offered three options. Firstly, they can write a secure, encrypted and time stamped record of the attack. Secondly, survivors can input the perpetrator identity, and, lastly, they can send an electronic report to their college/workplace to trigger an investigation. The platform was initially used in colleges across the US but is now also being developed for the workplace.


On the Callisto College Campus platform, the average time it takes for survivors to report is just 4 months – that’s nearly three times faster than the US national average of 11 months. The platform also alerts victims each time the person they were assaulted by is accused by another person. 15% of survivor’s match with another victim, triggering many to report to their college.


It is estimated that 20% of women, 7% of men and 24% of trans and gender nonconforming students are sexually assaulted during their college career, with less than 10% reported to the police.

The global #MeToo campaign reports that 17,700,000 women have reported a sexual assault since 1998 – and that’s just those who have been able to do so. Callisto offers a new, secure way of reporting harassment and assault for the unheard voices.


Following the success of their college platform, Callisto announced they would launch a platform for professional industries using their matching system to identify repeating perpetrators and offer the option of counselling. They raised $120k in their seed round from incubator Y Combinator in January 2018.