Meet the SupaBRCK— a waterproof, solar-powered wifi box that operates as a 3G hotspot and off-grid server. It is the sequel to BRCK’s debut product, launched in 2013 to tackle two major African IT challenges: reliable power and viable Internet options. The first version delivered connectivity and USB charging for up to 20 devices. The new SupaBRCK — with its dual core processor and a 5-terabyte hard drive — can operate in just about any environment and provide up to 100 Internet connections, streaming video for 50 devices. The start-up is also offering a new Moja service, which will provide ad-supported free public Internet access through SupaBRCK devices.


The company’s central focus has always been on delivering Internet to Africa’s masses. Now it is moving from just being a hardware company to becoming a platform company. By connecting SupaBRCK to Moja, it has a network that covers entire countries.


800 million people across Africa currently have no Internet access – the SupaBRCK could help change that.


The company has received $4.2 million in funding through two rounds of the funding. The company has received investment from Revolution, Invested Development and TED.