Our voice carries a lot of information about our emotions, but also about our health and well-being. Beyond Verbal use voice and AI technology to identify vocal bio-markers, or acoustic features in the voice, that can indicate heath or wellbeing conditions. Their previous research has demonstrated significantly different voice frequencies among children in Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Beyond Verbal have 2.3 recorded voices and 21 years of research under their belt and have already used the software in clinical trials focused on revealing signs of cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological and other diseases and chronic medical conditions. One example characteristics is the frequency of your voice that can be associated with an increase in the likelihood of coronary artery disease.


This non-evasive and remote approach to healthcare and early diagnosis offers a shift in health-tech. Their API means that they can work with researchers and healthcare providers around the world to discover more vocal biomarkers and collaborate further.


Beyond Verbal have secured $10.1M over 4 funding rounds, with lead investors in Hong Kong (Kuang-Chi-Science) and Israel (Winnovation). The Mayo clinic have also been working with Beyond Verbal to aid early diagnosis in patients with coronary artery disease and recently published a white paper on the findings.