Axelspace are running the Axelglobe project, which will change the way we observe our Earth. Axelspace use 50 private satellites to take pictures of the world every day, in enough detail to distinguish cars. The collection of these daily images means they are building space data API (application programme interfacing – where you can pull information from one app into another) for anyone to use.


Axelspace are not only disrupting space tech, but also the way we use that data. Satellite imagery has previously been expensive, infrequent and often a lower quality. Using microsatellite technology advancements, Axelspace can collect high quality data every day. This rich source of constant data means they can monitor anywhere and everywhere in the world.


The ability to sell access to an API which any developer can use means that the possibilities are endless for Axelspace. The data can be used by a wide range of industries for a variety of uses in agriculture and forestry.


The first satellites are being sent to orbit in 2018, with the full 50 satellites in place by 2022. Axelspace have raised over $16m in investment through two rounds of funding; their Series A round was led by Global Brain Corporation.