AlterEgo is an intelligence-augmentation headset developed by MIT Media Lab to read your thoughts. You can say signals in your head which are translated via subvocalizing. The headset is controlled by bone-conducting headphones around the ear canal, which can transmit sound vibrations through your face bones.


In trials, the AlterEgo has had an immersive 92% accuracy of transcription. There are numerous uses for silent speech technology, from military to health, or aiding those who cannot speak to have assistance.


The headset makes it easier for humans to communicate with technology that has crept into our everyday lives – think of it as an Alexa that you don’t need to talk too, but will read your thoughts instead. It is estimated that the intelligent virtual assistant market will be worth $17 billion by 2023.


The AlterEgo device is currently not ready for consumers, and is still a prototype being used for research. However, it’s potential and development by MIT Media Lab has been a nod to how our devices as we know them may change soon.