After 10 years of innovation and research at Imperial College London, Acurable have developed the AcuPebbleTM sensor. The non-invasive sensor is the first wearable that can diagnose and manage respiratory conditions such as epilepsy, whooping cough, sleep apnoea and asthma. It reads acoustic signals of the body, which are transferred to a mobile device, and uses algorithms to extract the respiratory biomarkers.


The first of its kind, this sensor uses biosignal research to collect signals that can detect disease related factors such as lung volume and breathing rate. It allows continual care and monitoring at home for patients, resulting in fewer hospital visits.


We are becoming increasingly known as the ‘indoor generation’ with children now spending 90% of the time indoors, which increases the risk of respiratory issues like Asthma. Respiratory diseases are on the increase, and the UK has one of the highest asthma mortality rates in Europe.


In 2017, Acurable raised £2.1 in a VC round with Kindred Capital and Alma Mundi Ventures, and were recently invited onto the Microsoft ScaleUp programme for innovative fast-growing startups in Europe.